“EPITEUXI” Tutoring Center: It opts for our 4K 65 ″ interactive screens

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A new tutoring center in Aspropyrgos opts for our interactive screens.

The installation of our 4K 65” (inches) interactive screens at the “EPITEUXI” Tutoring Center in Aspropyrgos has been completed.

The screens have upgraded software in Greek,  as well as innovative characteristics such as:

  • Screen division up to 3 distinct and autonomous parts
  • QR-Code scan with all the course’s pages-tables on the mobile camera (without any special application)
  • Pen with 2 tips and separate regulation for each tip (color – writing style) so as to change them faster during the lesson
  • Increased internal disk capacity
  • Selected educational applications

We wish this new tutoring center best success in their job, hoping that the new screens will be the means for the “ACHIEVEMENT” of the goals of both students and teachers!

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