Interactive touch screens

Interactive touch screens are now in the spotlight. The need for remote access and interaction of people, who have learning and cooperation in common, makes our interactive screens a valuable tool at your disposal. Smartmarker interactive screens are both intuitive and easy to use and make cooperation as easy as working on a tablet. They use Android operating system which combines intuition with convenience and speed. The screens are adapted to operate from schools and tutoring centers to large corporations, enhancing productiveness, functionality and flexibility.

In addition to the Android core, our interactive screens have (optionally) OPS Windows 10. In other words, you have a computer built into your screen that also operates autonomously. The users of this feature benefit from the power of a built-in computer and also have the Microsoft Office suite at their disposal (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). At the same time, you are offered the opportunity to connect your computer / screen to a wide range of protocols and connections (such as HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232), which allow the option of connection to other devices.

Our new interactive touch screens are available in 55-98”size and are specially built for education purposes.

Remote collaboration

With specially designed video conferencing software, which provides an intuitive workspace ideal for remote collaboration. It is directed at individuals who desire high data protection through session key and broadcast encryption.


Camera for your video conferencing

In addition to video conferencing software, our interactive screens provide (optionally) a Logitech C920 camera. Collaborate remotely, thanks to the high picture quality (Full HD, 1080 pixels) and the built-in microphone.

Share your ideas with Draft

Create a digital “Post-it” with Draft to share ideas with your team. Accessible through the Internet, it allows every collaborator to contribute to your boards, even remotely.

"Live" presentations with motion and interaction

Software designed to create quizzes ideal for surveys, school courses, education, etc. It allows you to anonymously collect views, comments, opinions, answers.

Make powerful presentations with Iolaos

Iolaos is an amazing application for the making of dynamic and powerful presentations. With the Android palette, which you can apply using two touch points on the interactive screen, annotate a webpage or a document and turn the annotated screenshot into a slide.


Flexible project management with Ubikey software

Ubikey software has been specially developed to be in accordance with the interactive screen’s size and multi-touch. Its multitude of templates enables your projects’ management with the use of the best-known methods.

Wireless hotspot for connected meetings

Turn the touch screen into a WI-FI access point thanks to the feature built into the interactive screen. The WI-FI network quality and stability created by the touch screen hotspot will allow you to start remote sessions without interruption.

Share your documents with Samba

All types of documents on a meeting room’s touch screen are centralized, which is often proven to be very useful. On the interactive screen, Samba allows you to share storage with people connected to the same network.

Outlined technical characteristics:

Software features

Outlined technical characteristics:

Πρωτοποριακή σχεδίαση και λειτουργία

Innovative design and operation

Μηδενική καθυστέρηση γραμμής

Zero delay line

Διεξαγωγή πειραμάτων σε πραγματικό χρόνο

Conducting real-time experiments

Απευθείας απεικόνιση σε έξυπνες συσκεύες.

Direct display on smart devices

Excellent quality protection screen filter

Λήψη σημειώσεων ακόμα και με QR code

Notes download with a QR code

Άμεση αλληλεπίδραση εξ'αποστάσεως.

Direct remote interaction

Προσαρμόζεται σε όλα τα περιβάλλοντα

Adaptable to all environments


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